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You have just entered the mind of Rod Ripley

Also known as "Hollywood Rod", "Double-R", "The Ripster", "Hot Rod", "Darth", "Scorpion", "Phoenix", "Hork", "Bull McJunkins" and "That Weird Dood".

In this site I express my beliefs, opinions, loves, hates and some other cool stuff.

You may never be the same after visiting this site. Or just think I had too much free time.


Welcome baby Zane to this world as he was born at 4:38 pm and weiged in at 7 lbs 11 oz.

As my wifes and I furst Christmas and New Year together, this has been the best of times and look forward to our lives together. We just want to share our thanks and love with all our family and friends out there. To see pictures from the wedding, pleas use the link in the navigation box.

Rod is getting married on October 9th. For more information, please go to theripleyfamily.com. I just want to take this time thank everyone for their support.

This site is back up due to popular demand. Shame on those that stole my original website, but no worries, you cant stop the power of Hulkamania.

Hey all, I have moved back to Arizona to obtain a higher education and go after becoming a teacher. I lived in LA for 10 years and I will miss the memories. But at least Disneyland is only a 6 hour drive away :-)

I know I haven't updated this site as of late, but I hope to get more pictures up of my latest journeys. Such as Friends and places I've been.

Well, its 12:01 and it is now my 27th birthday. I just hope and pray for change in my life this new year. Thank God for his grace to let me enjoy life this long.

Check out my new Star Wars section with Links and such.

Well, what can I say. One of many of my favorite pastime's has passed once again... WrestleMania. Last Sunday marked the 19th installment of the now infamous tradition. Where to me the main event of the night was watching my childhood hero "Hulk Hogan" go one on one against "The Rock". It was a match I will never forget. In short, most of the wrestling fans today have felt that Hogan is a has been. But I, a faithful fan, has always been a fan and will in the days to come. This match had a classic good guy ending where Hogan shook the hand of the man that defeated him and they have now formed a pact that will last. May there be more storybook fairytales in our days to come.